Dauna Coulter

I'm a seasoned professional writer. I’m also an avid runner, hiker, camper, and dog-lover. My idea of happy hour is sitting with my dogs next to a campfire with a cold beer in my hand. I prefer flips flops and tennis shoes to dress shoes. That’s one reason I became a freelance writer.

I'm an early riser, innovative, energetic, fit, positive, and tenacious (okay, stubborn). Add responsible and focused to the list, as they are important. I write very well, and I'm always on time.

Good Writing, and Why You Need Me

No matter the composition of the audience, good writers in science, technology, and business use the fewest words possible to convey a message clearly. They avoid 'jabberwocky,' ‘gobbledygook,’ governmentese, and officialese. They don' t use three or four syllables when one will do. Of course the idiom of a specialized field such as genetic research or space science will include multi-syllabic words. I am referring instead to avoidable 'inflated' language -- for example using the word 'utilize' instead of ‘use.’

Good writers use good sentence construction and impeccable grammar and spelling. No one notices the writing when it succeeds. But people almost always notice the failures. Write an awkward sentence. Make a typo. Spell a word incorrectly. You can bet the reader will see it and think of you as careless, unprofessional, or uneducated. And when you are already overloaded with other aspects of your business and lack the time to “write right,” you make mistakes.

Don’t let this happen. Let a professional take over the writing.

In my 26 plus years as a science and technical writer, I produced a variety of materials, including proposals, annual reports, technical manuals, software configuration guides, marketing materials, communications plans, and most recently, science features for Science@NASA. I frequently received fan mail from Science@NASA readers. My stories were read by an average of 75000 readers per story, and sciencecast videos based on my stories also received many thousands of views.

Please take a look at my samples, and contact me if you need writing help.